*** This is the README file for my ccrypt-GUIs integration ***

Ccrypt is a "Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams"
utility, available at: http://ccrypt.sourceforge.net/

Download the ccrypt_gui_integration.zip package to your local disk,
uncompress it, from a command line or terminal window on the
ccrypt_gui_integration directory performs the following steps:

*** Ccrypt KDE/Konqueror environment integration ***

-To install execute the ccrypt-kde-install script and follow de instructions.
You will have two new entries on Konqueror context menus.

-To remove just execute the ccrypt-kde-remove script and follow the instructions.

Note: In the KDE/Konqueror environment you can integrate ccrypt globally for all
users (must be root) or for your own environment only

*** Ccrypt GNOME/Nautilus environment integration ***

-To install execute the ccrypt-gnome2-install script and follow de instructions.
You will have two new entries on Nautilus Scripts context menus.

Note: If the new entries are not visible right away go to your Nautilus Scripts
directory (*), and force a file list refresh, this will force Nautilus to
take the new scripts into account.
(*) (~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts): You can go directly there with the following steps:
On the file list pane->Right mouse button->Scripts->Open Scripts Folder

-To remove just execute the ccrypt-gnome2-remove script and follow the instructions.

Note: With Nautilus, sometimes the scripts are not executed if the files/directories
selection is made with the left mouse button. To be sure that the scripts are executed
make your files/directories selection with your right mouse button, or at least end your
selection with the right mouse button!

Note: In the GNOME/Nautilus environment you can only integrate ccrypt in your
own environment

*** Ccrypt Win32/Explorer environment integration ***

Note: You MUST have Administrator rights, because you have to write to the registry to
configure Explorer context menus

Note: Integration tested within (see notes bellow):
- Windows 98
- Windows NT
- Windows 2000
- Windows XP
- .../...

-To install execute the ccrypt-Win32-install.bat batch and follow de instructions.
You will have two new entries on Explorer context menus

-To remove execute the ccrypt-Win32-remove.bat batch and follow the instructions.

Note: In the Win32/Explorer environment it is only possible to integrate ccrypt
globally (all users)

Note: Within Windows Explorer for each selected object (file or directory) the system calls the
program (ccrypt) independently for each selected object.
This means that one window will be open for each selected object (very annoying).
I do not know how to force that the program is called only once with all selected objects
(at least of the same time) passed as arguments (suggestions are welcome).
The only workaround (I know) for the moment is to work only with directories and only one a time.

See ChangeLog for list of changes.

VF - Version 1.0 - 2004
PS1 - Version 1.1 - 2011