Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams

User Comments

Ccrypt is a non-commercial program, and it is not advertised except by word of mouth. There is no way of knowing exactly how many users ccrypt has, but based on web site hits, I estimate that it has at least a thousand users by now. And the number is still growing. Tell a friend about ccrypt!

Here are some comments that I have received from ccrypt users. Note: although I still receive positive feedback from users, I have not updated this page since 2004.

VF, Belgium, Sep 27, 2004:
Thank you for this wonderful utility, I use it regularly and I must say that this solves a big problem for me. I work with different systems and ccrypt allows me to use a common program for my encryption needs.

Bernard van Biljon, South Africa, Sep 22, 2004:
Thanks for ccrypt. It rocks.

Suzanne Skinner, Canada, Sep 2, 2004:
I just discovered ccrypt - it's exactly what I've been looking for. I'm now using it instead of GnuPG for encrypting my off-site backups.

Harry Auschner, Germany, Mar 30, 2004:
Thank you very much for this useful program (and for the hint to Stan Zitello's xzgv-modification)!

Mike, Poland, Mar 30, 2004:
What can I say? I just love your proggie! It's EXACTLY what I looked for - a simple (and free) utility to crypt/decrypt files from the command line. I use it in my application and it works PERFECTLY! A big piece of really good work you've done here :) Greetings, keep up the good work!

Stan Zitello, Jan 23, 2004:
Thanks for the excellent work on ccrypt!

Danny Larouche, Jan 17, 2004:
I have been using ccrypt for a while on Unix, Linux and Windows based servers and it is a very helpful security tool.

Chris Vanden Berghe, Jan 15, 2004:
Thank you for your ccrypt program... It's very useful.

Sandro Bosio, Italy, Oct 29, 2003:
Thanks for your very good work, that program is exactly what I needed.

Jean-Francois Dive, Aug 25, 2003:
Very nice tool, I use it for managing crypted loop system files; very very useful, thanks for doing it.

Gustavo Franco, Apr 1, 2003:
I'm very impressed with the quality of ccrypt. Congratulations! Definitely it works for my purposes.

Gerhard Miller, Germany, Mar 31, 2003:
This is a very useful piece of software.

Jean-Yves Sireau, Hong Kong, Mar 26, 2003:
I love ccrypt; it is easy to use and does exactly what one wants from an enrcyption program. Furthermore it's quite fast. It's a wonder the program isn't more widely known.

Steven Morehouse, Vancouver, Feb 12, 2003:
I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. I spent literally weeks looking for a solution with all the features I required, and then even more weeks trying to find workarounds for the partial solutions I did find. I actually stumbled across ccrypt near the beginning of my search, but dismissed it since at the time I had no idea what cygwin was.

Well, since then, many of my "work arounds" involved cygwin... to make a long story short... I now have cygwin installed and a full linux server that I'm playing with too. I can't believe it took me so long to give linux a try!

So now I restumbled onto ccrypt again... and simply stared at the screen with my mouth open looking dumbfounded.

- strong encryption
- recursive feature
- keeps original file's timestamp
- command line operation

That's all I needed, and I couldn't find it anywhere! Until now. And from a fellow Canadian to boot! And WOW! ccrypt is fast!!

I actually did find another product that seemed like it might do the job, called BlackBox 3.3 form Interscope. It was commercialware, which is fine, but their 30 day evaluation expired inexplicably after about 5 minutes and they haven't returned my emails in over 2 weeks. So I have no idea if it would have really worked, but the features were all listed.

So Thanks again.

Peter Loje, Denmark, Jan 9, 2003:
Thanks for the great software ccrypt(1).

Max Bear, Dec 17, 2002:
Your program is really useful, since it's cross platform. Most other software support windows only. I usually work on both windows and linux. Thanks.

Goran Gasparovic, Baltimore, Sep 17, 2002:
Thank you for making the wonderful ccrypt program available! I am starting to use it and find it very convenient.

Cameron Banks, Aug 21, 2002:
Let me congratulate you on this tool!! I recently moved to Windows XP and this is the only decrypt tool that has worked on the old unix-crypt archives I have.

Eric Price, Jul 24, 2002:
I don't know why it took me months to finally happen on your ccrypt program to decrypt old unix crypted files, or why I could not find any other program that does this. But your program solved major problems for me, you offered an RPM for it (as opposed to having to compile it), it installed and worked perfectly the first time, and I'm very grateful.

Stelios K. Kyriacou, Baltimore, Jun 23, 2002:
Thank you for a very useful utility ccrypt.

Kevin O'Mara, Nov 28, 2001:
Excellent work! Thank you very much. I've got to get around to encrypting some of these text files that are just sitting around on my hard drive. I've searched high and low for a command-line encryption utlity for Windows that would accept simple passwords. The fact is, there is none, except for yours. In addition, this utility is great because I can simply pipe the output to more and not have to worry about deleting unencrypted files.

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